Dynamic. captivating. invigorating. empowering. 


Karen Petersen: Business owner. Leader. Speaker. Athlete. Farmer. Partner. Teacher. Success coach. Powerhouse. BAD ASS!

We often hear so much about what services are offered and sometimes we will even hear how these services are offered…but how often do are we told WHY someone does the work they do?

Hi there, I’m Karen, and I am a speaker, consultant, advocate, advisor and success coach because I have benefited immeasurably from speakers, consultants, advocates, advisors and success coaches.

Teaching, learning and speaking are my passion and my purpose, not because these things come easily to me, but because I’ve had to work VERY hard to become exceptionally skilled at them. I had stuttered for a very long time and sometimes, I still do. However, that doesn’t stop me from giving AMAZING keynote speeches and leading POWERFULLY impactful workshops, courses and coaching programs! 

I have learned from personal and professional experience that every single one of us has something precious and priceless to offer, and my gift is to share my truth. I’ll give away a huge nugget of truth right here, since you’ve read this far – the BEST thing we have to offer is OUR truth. Our truth is a symphony of lessons that we have learned in our lives, and the most important lesson is that we can only get what we want MOST by being OURSELVES – as-is, unfiltered, undiluted, and (my personal catchphrase) UNABASHEDLY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY AUTHENTIC!

This is my truth and this is my message, and while I have lost many things by sharing my truth, the experiences, friends and opportunities I have gained are irreplaceable. 

I speak about hard topics, because these are things are dear to me, and they are issues that my clients are conquering – addiction and recovery, surviving abuse, overcoming adversity, healing from discrimination, getting up after failing multiple times, reentering society post-incarceration, working with special abilities/limited abilities and so much more. 

My work is equity-based instead of equality-based, because we all have unique learning styles, personalities and interests. Understanding the needs of clients, organizations, teams and groups is the key to effective communication. Effective communication leads to understanding, and understanding leads to RESULTS.

I am TOTALLY pumped to hear from you, to learn about you, and to discover how working TOGETHER will make you, your organization, team, business and/or event the GREATEST ever!