Here’s what folks are saying about Karen:

“Thank YOU for being a fabulous speaker.  We have a speaker every week and I have to tell you that you were the most professional speaker we have had this year!” – Tom Acorn, Speaker Chairman, New Smyrna Beach Kiwanis Club

“I was not looking forward to the event at Tomoka Correctional Institute. However, that changed when I heard Karen Petersen speak. Okay, she was a little unorthodox to stay the least, and she admitted so. That’s why she was such a good fit for the program. She had an inspiring message! Very well presented! Her delivery almost made me want to commit a crime, be sentenced to Tomoka Correctional Institute and hear her message again! It was THAT good! Keep an eye on her – she’s a secret weapon.” – Jim C. Senior VP, Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Karen, I am in awe of your authentic presentation. The words you speak are a gift to all of those who are blessed enough to hear them! You teach me so much!”  – Kelly L., client

“Karen’s successes and stories smashed right through many of my walls and sparked the self I lost so many years ago. As I was reading, I could hear her compassion, enthusiasm, coaching, cheering and celebration. The experiences she shared throughout this book related to and addressed about 100 different topics and issues beyond losing weight. It literally met me right where I was at, on every level, and with no coincidence. I cried, I laughed, I learned so much and truth be known I found a 100 reasons to keep living.” – Jill M.

“Karen has an inimitable passion that seems bottomless. Her desire to share her experiences, good and bad, is easily identifiable, even when from different backgrounds. She is a completely authentic individual, whose generosity is unmatched. She is truly a remarkable woman.” – Cinn F., client, associate and fellow #WARRIOR

“Just wanted to take a moment to say that you are an amazing woman. You have done such a wonderful job. Your emails are fantastic and your website is top notch. Seriously, so awesome.” – Danni W.

“It was a great event to watch and your message was conveyed beautifully.  A job well done.” – Corrine H.

“I never expected to feel so welcomed and supported by such a wonderful human being. Your overflowing warmth and generosity helped me through a time of serious uncertainty and feelings of hopelessness. I feel new purpose, and I am grateful that there are people like you, who continue to listen and give meaning to a person that will affect them for a lifetime. I thank you with all my heart for your help and faith. If is with great honor that I will work to one day do for others what you have done for me. Thank you.” – Imad E.

“You ROCK! You have been such a godsend during my difficult times! I’m so glad there are still helpful and caring people like you around. It’s good to know I have someone to help me navigate through these new challenges, and I thank you for your insight and understanding.” – Rowena A.

“You were amazing this morning. I appreciate you sharing with us. Thank you so much for your energy and open heart!” – Amanda M.

“Keep on being inspirational and motivational! You’ve already helped me a ton!” – Tirzah H.

“This woman is wildly committed, body and soul, to health. I’ve known Karen since high school, and she continues to amaze and inspire me as I try to live a healthier, saner life.” – Dr. Colleen S. Harris

Feedback from workshops and breakout sessions:
“This woman is amazing. She pretty much was the deciding factor for me to continue pursuing my goals.”
“Great advice and positivity from her life experiences!”
“I wish I we had more time with her!”
“It’s GREAT that you are willing to share your life experiences with the group! It makes the group feel more comfortable.”
“Great speaker! Gets the point across in a friendly manner!”
“Karen tells the truth of the what and how things actually work.”
“Authentic personal story. I loved “the wah is ova!” (ask me about that one 🙂 )
“I was in the back and I still heard everything that she said. She spoke so that everyone could hear and understand.”
“I enjoy hearing a super success story coming from someone with experience. Karen keeps your attention by being such a lively speaker, well-informed, and speaks about life and success experiences. She is AWESOME! Love her!”
“Karen is SO approachable and sunny! So positive! LOVE her!!”
“Love her energy!”
“She is such a lively person. She is helpful, caring, and devoted. She is a wealth of information, helpful, and knows her stuff. She’s approachable. Karen is caring, helpful, and a great leader. She shines in her work and makes a huge difference in lives. Everyone can learn from her.”
“VERY confident! Knows what she wants and goes after it! Very positive!”
“She’s a big ball of sunshine! So full of energy!”

There are stacks and stacks of more of these 🙂 References also available upon request!